27th April 12 weeks

85 days sober… that’s 12 weeks! Wow, I haven’t been this long for such a long time, probably before Meg was born.

Lately everything has been coasting along quite nicely, we had a lovely holiday to Cornwall at Easter time. I’ve been sewing more, going to yoga and also I have started running! Check me out, bloody running! Ha!

My mum came to visit over the holidays too which was fairly non eventful, thankfully. Normally my mum puts my head in such a spin, she’s always so judgy and negative, but this time I didn’t let it get to me.

I have booked myself onto a meditation retreat in May, so that’s something I’m really excited about. I feel like things have finally turned a corner with my addiction, and I’m finding healthier ways to deal with my overwhelming emotions. I am beginning to trust and ask for help when I need to, especially where Miss Meg is concerned. I do really struggle with her some days, but I’m not so afraid to admit it now. I have never found motherhood easy, it doesn’t come naturally for me.

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