28th May Job

I’m sat watching Meg and Steve playing in the sea. Everything is good right now. I’m still feeling really settled and blessed. I’m kind of waiting for my mind to go haywire again, and mess things up… But for today, its all lovely.

I have also got myself a job! This is a MAJOR thing for me. I haven’t worked for over five years due to drinking and having Megan, but I think I’m ready now. I am not going to put any pressure on myself, If I start to stress out too much then I’ll stop working. My wage is not so important, but it will afford us a decent holiday next year. So, yeah, this is huge for me! I’m going back to care work, but night shifts, as this will be perfect for when Meg is in school full time from Sept.

I’m really looking forward to this! rather proud of myself. Still sober, not one sniff of booze and it is getting easier.

Life is moving in a pretty positive direction. Steve and I are okay. Sometimes I am paranoid about his behaviour, but I think it is mainly paranoia… I am letting him be. We are doing alright.

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