1st September – Give me Cake

Oh my crikey! I cant stop eating rubbish… I’m just craving junk to eat all the time. If I could have a cake for breakfast, I would! I am buying multiple bags of sweets most days. I think I may have an issue. I am hoping that it will ease off, the longer I remain sober, but I’m not so sure.

Perhaps Its to do with the BPD and an impulse control thing? I really dunno, but I’m not best pleased about it. I seem to have swapped one damaging habit for another.

Seven months sober which is fab, but I still get some really bad relapse dreams, it takes a while for me to realise that I didn’t drink, when I wake up. I know this is common, but still its unsettling. My sleep is otherwise really good.

My body and my mind are getting used to working and doing nightshifts, its not so bad.

All this plain sailing makes me a bit nervous, I’m wondering when the storm will arrive.

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