Books and chocolate

Today I feel rather down, and my head is playing tricks on me. I felt extremely paranoid and angry this morning, there is no clear trigger…

So, I am reading and eating chocolate before school pick up to try and make myself feel better.

I love to read. I read a lot. At the moment I have a fiction, a nonfiction and an audiobook on the go, and sometimes I get confused! Ha.

I am also getting snuggles from our pup, and it does make me feel better. I guess Im still surprised by how quickly my mood can change, but I do feel better equipped to manage them, and not ‘act out’.

2pm… I can feel my anxiety rising, and anger is bubbling away under the surface. I am doing grounding and breathing exercises to try and stay focussed. I feel like I don’t know who I am today ,or who I’m even supposed to be. It’s such a huge change from yesterdays easy mood, BPD is so frustrating. I was feeling so secure and settled.  I guess I should be pleased that it’ll likely be different again tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Books and chocolate

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  1. I have some BDP tendencies and can relate! When I get one of these states, I always forget I will feel different tomorrow, and usually way better. The temporary dread and doom and gloom at the moment ALWAYS feels permanent.

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