Real Friends

Recently, I have been wondering who my real friends are. I always used to be the one running around after people and making the arrangements.  I dont tend to do this much anymore, so I rarely see people. I know that life gets busy, but if something is important, surely you make it a priority.... Continue Reading →

We Need To Talk About Alice.

Grief and Shame. I have another daughter. She is Alice. From another life. A drunk, disturbed and broken life. Alice lives with her father in Wales because I couldn't get sober when She needed me to. I live with guilt and shame every day. I hurt everyday. I fought in court to gain access to... Continue Reading →


Paranoia clings to me like a cold sweat. I feel everyone watching me. Im worried Im losing my grip again. Things have been so good for so long. Today I am grateful to be able to go on trips with Meg's school, something that I obviously couldnt have done a year ago; BUT I felt... Continue Reading →

Eight Months

Happy October ! Today is 8 months sober for me, but Im not really feeling very good. I feel like Im heading for a disaster. My head is all over the place and I feel angry and frustrated all the time. I feel sad and invisible.  Today I really just want to go back to... Continue Reading →

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