Real Friends

Recently, I have been wondering who my real friends are. I always used to be the one running around after people and making the arrangements.  I dont tend to do this much anymore, so I rarely see people.

I know that life gets busy, but if something is important, surely you make it a priority.  I Always used to make other people a priority.  I guess there lies the problem, as they probably realised that they didn’t have to make any effort.

I really do wonder how we can go about making connections and form close friendships these days without seeming odd or needy?

Perhaps I should have established my real friends by now? I think that I thought I had, but when the shit hits the fan? Hmmm… not so much.

I try to be there for people when they need me, I offer help in lots of ways and sometimes I am taken advantage of.  I wouldn’t stop trying to help if I thought you needed me though…

Sometimes I feel lonely and overlooked. Almost invisible.  I am tired of this feeling. I am tired of superficial conversations about nothing. I want to feel connected.


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  1. I feel for you feeling like this, I am quite guilty of being someone who needs someone to organise things and make me feel like I’m important enough to invite. You may discover that it is sometimes others who are the needy ones. Waiting to be invited along to something. A dog walk. A coffee. A lunch. I am that person right now, in the dark hole and the only light is when someone shines a torch. I get you though so much. That feeling of being. Invisible. I’m 42. No established friends. Never have. I think like you. I look to my left and see someone in their thirties who still is in contact with school friends. Like wow. Anyway. Just wanted to reach out. Oh yeah. Also. Day 10. First time into double figures. For a very long time. X

  2. Finding that connection is hard. I searched and searched. I have finally come to realize it is inside me. Friends are nice, and it’s important to have support, but most of my contentedness comes when I am alone.

  3. I have very few friends in terms of people I see or do things with. Then again, i like a lot of alone time, and I do spend considerable time making and keeping strong friendships on line. I have met some amazing people in real life from Twitter. Runners, and recovery folks. People I can now call on the phone or meet if they are in the city. So I have come from it in a different way, which suits me. But I understand the invisible feeling. i am sorry that is how it is. But I would rather have one or two strong friends than many who are fair-weather.

  4. Thank you all for the comments. I am feeling pretty good today, and grateful for finding people who are like me , and Do understand. I am learning how to sit with myself better, and actually Id rathet be alone than have crap people around me. 💜

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