Gratitude And Cleaning

Well, the declutter has begun! It feels amazing to have a tidy and clean bedroom. I've just been out and bought a beautiful reed diffuser for our room. It is once again a calming space.  I am so excited to sit there and just be still. I am feeling all the love and gratitude today... Continue Reading →

Next Steps

My life is chaotic. Our family life is chaotic. We have too much stuff and it's weighing me down. I have an overwhelming urge to declutter, and clear out the junk; but where to start?  Now that I have been sober a while, I feel as though our home needs to reflect some sort of... Continue Reading →

Blessings And Depression

I am awake at 5 am... It gives me some peaceful time before the madness of getting ready for school/work/etc... I have been thinking of my depression and trying not to wallow in it I guess. I'm fully aware of All the amazing things I am blessed with, but sometimes I just can't get thankful,... Continue Reading →


I'm heading for a crash! I can feel it. My head is pounding all the time. Every day lately is a cycle of crying and screaming, crying and shouting. And then I feel numb. It's all too Much, or it's absolutely Nothing. I just want to sleep and sleep.  Every day I start off positive... Continue Reading →


Lately I am feeling angry, and Very Tired. I cannot work out if I'm physically tired, or emotionally drained...Or perhaps both? I get very shouty with the girl, and I'm aware that I have said hurtful things when I'm frustrated, about me getting on a bus and not coming back. It just spews out of... Continue Reading →

Self awareness

We went to a party last night. It was a bit difficult for me, I was shattered from working, but also I really thought about sneaking a drink, and wondering if I could enjoy the party more? My anxiety was high most of the night. Anyhow, I didn't drink, and I sat enjoying the music...... Continue Reading →

Nine Months Sober

I'm feeling a bit bleugh today. I am very pleased to have reached another month alcohol free, and yet, I am battling with myself. The urge to do something to ruin it all is there. It's almost as if I cannot deal with the peace and quiet. I am craving drama and excitement! Normally it... Continue Reading →

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