Next Steps

My life is chaotic. Our family life is chaotic. We have too much stuff and it’s weighing me down. I have an overwhelming urge to declutter, and clear out the junk; but where to start? 

Now that I have been sober a while, I feel as though our home needs to reflect some sort of order too. I am bogged down by the amount of ‘stuff’ we all have – and mostly don’t need/use. If it was totally up to me, I would just grab a binbag and start throwing things away! 

To begin with, I should probably stop buying stuff when Im having a hyper phase… Ah the joys of my mental health issues!  It makes me cross with myself that I just buy things for the sake of it, I get sucked into the whole ” you need this in your life” – But it has to Stop. 

I Do Not Need  more books. Or stationary! Ha, we have an abundance of notebooks in our house. Many of these are ‘special’ so I can’t find it in myself to use them for day to day notes. 

We are officially running out of space for all the clutter. With Christmas around the corner, I think this is the perfect time to get brutal and have a decent clear out. 

Wish Me Luck 😃

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