A Sober Christmas in Wales

Merry Christmas to all!  My family and I are holed up in a cottage in Wales for Christmas this year, and it is wonderfully peaceful and quiet. We have no television and limited internet access, and this suits me perfectly.  We have books and games and an amazing Christmas duck to look forward to soon. ... Continue Reading →


People. I need to remember, that people will do what ever they want. Sometimes they are hurtful and selfish. They forgot to think of others, and only think of themselves. Generally people are going to try and fulfil their own needs first. They do not mean to be uncaring and thoughtless. I Need To Constantly... Continue Reading →

This is Anxiety

This photo is ten minutes after my panic over going out for a meal with my in-laws. Needless to say, I didn't end up going... I got myself all dressed up for the evening, I was feeling really good about myself. Then the text messages began... ' what are you wearing? ' etc. I soon... Continue Reading →

Facebook and My Truth

I took a big step a few days ago and shared my blog on Facebook. Now, I wasn't planning on doing this, and I was concerned about the reaction I would get from people who actually know me. I have often lied about my recovery in the past, saying I had been sober for X... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on my Recovery

I am pondering on the past ten months, and how my life is changed and is changing still.  I feel so fortunate to be where I am today - I think I've got the life I've always wanted.  I am wondering how I managed to carry on the way I did for so many years.... Continue Reading →


I am feeling calmer and my depression is certainly lifted. I am guessing that the new medication is finally kicking in.  I am back in work tonight, and it feel good to be busy. I was carrying a lot of anxiety around with me, because I had to go sick from work. I felt as... Continue Reading →

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