I am feeling calmer and my depression is certainly lifted. I am guessing that the new medication is finally kicking in.  I am back in work tonight, and it feel good to be busy. I was carrying a lot of anxiety around with me, because I had to go sick from work. I felt as though the other staff would be bitching about me, because I had let them down. It was only when I had a phone call to cover a shift that I finally felt better. 

I think I am learning to accept my life as a sober person. I am becoming better at dealing with life without heading for the bottle. 

This past week has also made me realise that I DO have some real friends, But they are not mind-readers and sometimes I have to ask for support, and That’s Okay! 

10 Months Sober…  Looking back on the past months of sobriety, mostly I am thankful for getting this far, I am pleased with myself for never giving up! 

In other ways I still have such a long way to go. I am always learning and growing as a person. I believe I am a fairly decent human that has struggled with some difficult times, but I have continued to fight to overcome these. I am always trying to make things better, and to make amends for my past mistakes.

I obviously have some trouble with managing my strong emotions – But at least I’m not drinking to try and shut these out. 

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  1. 10 months is amazing and as I’m reading this two months late, I’m guessing it now must be a year so big congratulations. You’re winning – give yourself a massive pat on the back xx

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