Facebook and My Truth

I took a big step a few days ago and shared my blog on Facebook. Now, I wasn’t planning on doing this, and I was concerned about the reaction I would get from people who actually know me. I have often lied about my recovery in the past, saying I had been sober for X amount, when I haven’t. 

So, I put My Truth out there and it was a really positive thing. I am finally free of all the lies and deceit of my addiction.

I spent many years convinced that people couldn’t tell that I’d been drinking… Pah! What a laugh! The only person I was lying to was myself.  I felt pleased with the amount of people that took the time to read and not judge me. I am humbled and grateful of course, to be where I am now, and to be able to write about my recovery experience. 

I think eventually I would like to be able to help other people with addiction and mental health issues, but I am realistic enough to know I’m not quite there yet. 

In other news… Meg had her school friend over for the night this weekend. It didn’t go too well. In situations like that I realise she is a very young 4 1/2 and although she wishes to be doing all the ‘big girl’ things, she struggles.  It was a valuable experience for all of us to recognise that she does need and want her routines and boundaries, and having her friend stay overnight really upset things. We’ll try again in a year or so.

I think it’s all about taking our time and growing into the amazing people we are supposed to be. ❤

2 thoughts on “Facebook and My Truth

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  1. Great job. I am open and out about being sober and it has only made my life simpler.
    As for sleepovers, my daughter rarely likes them. She’s 12.for a few years we just had a no sleepover rule to avoid her having to say no, I don’t want to.

    I understand the desire to have quiet time before bed and in the morning.


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