I need to remember, that people will do what ever they want. Sometimes they are hurtful and selfish. They forgot to think of others, and only think of themselves.

Generally people are going to try and fulfil their own needs first. They do not mean to be uncaring and thoughtless.

I Need To Constantly remember that other people’s actions are Not About Me. I cannot Control other People, or how they respond/react towards me.

I am more aware these days of not Reacting to everything/everyone, and it helps to a calmer life, but also I am aware of my resentment when I believe that people “should” be behaving a Certain Way, But they don’t/can’t/won’t… This is ultimately my issue and I’m learning to sit with it.

Repeat. I Can’t Control Other People. Not, do I want to really.

As we are getting ready for Christmas and going away this year, I am struggling a bit to fit everything in, and see the people I want to see before we leave. I am asking for help with the jobs so that I don’t get overwhelmed, but also I’m finding it a bit easier to let stuff go, and not get too stressed.

What will be will be, and in the end it will all be okay.

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  1. hello again! I hope it’s okay i comment…
    ‘cuz I am thinking yes, but do not “blame” yourself for not “understanding” either. We barely understand ourselves so how do we understand others and grant that “room”? But also… I mean I read a bodhidarma teaching from the Wake Up Sermon, that said “understanding not understanding is true understanding.” It’s a mind bender… but it deepens the no-blame you wanna achieve maybe? It was saying that “when you understand, you depend on you. When you don’t understand, you depend on reality…” and stuff like that. It’s a compassionate read, but it lets go sum how.
    I can find the sermon if you would be interested? It’s more complicated and “simple” than I am reducing it to. I have yet to learn, practice, understand… etc. 🙂
    This is a late comment to your post… but maybe it is still of interest to you.
    In any case I hope you are knowing you are beautiful!

      1. Hello! I found a link to it, and what I was quoting is at the very bottom of the “sermon.” I’d only ever read a smaller excerpt, so I hope this isn’t too much…
        I’m doing well, thank you for your kind wishes. I have had to chip away ice from my porch steps and sidewalks, but that was good exercise at least! I am wishing u much peace and joy this season 🙂
        here’s the link:
        lemme know what u think of it if and when u wanna! and no pressure with any of it. I find it sometimes helpful, but I’m not a zen “master” at all! I aspire maybe… and admire the practice and compassion and gentleness and even practical stuff it offers.
        Thanks for your reply. 🙂

      2. I like Charlotte Joko Beck’s zen better than this stuff I linked U to, btw… and even she is kinda hard to completely “submit” to… I am just not entirely ready for Zen. I’m too “western” culture and I live in the USA in Trump world… so it’s tuff.
        Anyhow… I am so glad I encountered your blog and human being on the planet. i like u. it’s that simple. I don’t need zen to s’plain me. 🙂
        Love to u and yer family. And remember U R beautiful. 🙂

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