Happy New Year

Since I’ve started to share my writing on social media, a few people have messaged me with kind words and encouragement. Others have said that they too suffer similar anxieties and worries. I am pleased to know that my honesty makes them realise they are not alone. I am pleased that I had the courage to be honest. I no longer feel so alone. 

I think that this year, I will continue to be open and allow myself to be honest with myself and others. I am beginning to feel proud of my vulnerability.

I plan to continue the things that are keeping me Sober. It is almost a year of continued sobriety for me, and I believe that meditation, my writing, also getting back to work has helped to maintain this.

 I also plan to stay in closer touch with those who may need a friend. I know how it feels to feel alone and misunderstood, and I will always do my best to help others. 

I am beginning to not worry so much about relapse, and I do not think about alcohol from one week to the next in the main part. I am slowly becoming comfortable with my sobriety, and it no longer defines me. 

I would like to start sewing regularly again this new year, so I must allow a space and time to achieve it. 

Mainly I wish to build stronger relationships with my husband, my family who are not so close, and my true friends. I value all of these immensely, and I will put the effort in to help these thrive again. 

A Happy and Blessed New Year… Bring it on ❤ 

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

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  1. HNY lovely. What a wonderful post. You are an inspiration to me, to carry on and try and get myself well and out of this crazy cycle I allowed myself to get into. To open my mind to the world and the positive things around me. To live life and be a better person and mum. I am still on the try again treadmill but it’s out and switched on and I’m focussed. Sending New Year love and warmth x

    1. Aww, Happy New Year! As long as you are trying, then you are winning my darling. Stay focused and keep moving forward babe. Much love to you! Great to hear from you xx 💖😀

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