Meditation and Audio books. 

This January, I am making a conscious effort to meditate at least once a day, Every Day. 

I have used the Calm app on my phone for over a year now, but sometimes I will go weeks without looking at it. I really enjoy this app, it is lovely to use, and the meditations are catered to all sorts of users.

I find that meditation helps to ease my anxiety and helps me to focus. I feel less angry and frustrated when I remember to sit and practice, but I do have to set a reminder to meditate daily.  I find that mornings work best for me, although I do enjoy a bedtime ‘ sleep story ‘ .

Lately, also I have been getting into listening to audiobooks. I find that I enjoy a listen while I walk the dog or after the night shift. Sometimes I struggle to concentrate on actual reading, especially if I’m tired – so this is a perfect solution for me! 

I’m trying to keep a record here, of things that I do, to continue my sobriety, and period of positive mental health, so that I may look back and remind myself of good habits, should I fall into a mental health slump. 

I would be interested to learn what other people do to maintain their sobriety or good mental health? ❤

6 thoughts on “Meditation and Audio books. 

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  1. I take medication, practice Yoga, the full path, not just the poses, eat well, and go to bed early.
    I also blog and comment (lol).
    I go to an aa meeting once a month or so, mostly because I love the honesty.
    I generally try to make my life as simple as possible. Then I can enjoy it.

    1. I am striving to make my life simple now. This is what I need.
      I also want to eat well, this is an issue for me, I tend to binge on junk a lot lately.
      Much love to you x ♥😊

  2. Yoga, meditation, blogging, eating well and keeping life simple – I try to do all of these regularly too. I read when I get the time, go for walks in the woods and also find podcasts on a variety of subjects really helpful: health and fitness, sobriety, buddhism, psychology, philosophy etc.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks but this post helped me open my eyes to a good enough reason to listen to them! Meditating can be super helpful and of course, listening to a good book at the same time is a cherry on top 😀

    1. Awww, thank you. Glad you wanna give audiobooks a go! I was never a fan, considered them for lazy people who couldn’t be arsed to read! I’m converted and love them now. ❤

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