I feel depressed. I can't get motivated. I am overwhelmed and overthinking. I can't even get it together to write. It all seems so pointless. I am in turmoil. I feel like I need validation for my emotions and feelings, and I don't feel worthy enough right now. I read something recently about antidepressants... It... Continue Reading →

An Experiment

Last week, I bought a bottle of alcohol free wine. Dealcoholised apparently... It has been sat in my fridge for three days, and I have been just thinking it over. I didn't know what to expect, or how I would feel about trying a ' wine ' like this. Years before my alcohol use got... Continue Reading →

And yet…

By going out of your mind, You come to your senses. ~ Alan Watts. I am trying to stay grounded today, as my anxiety spirals out of control. I desperately want to numb out the bad feelings, but I will not. This will pass. I do not wish to numb out the best feelings. I... Continue Reading →

Things to Drink

I have discovered a love of loose leaf tea. Green tea, black tea, fruit infusions. I bought myself a great little glass tea pot with a metal infuser inside so I can watch the tea ' develop '. My favourite tea at the moment, is a lovely orange and cinnamon mix, yummy! Lately, though, I... Continue Reading →


I feel like I'm always battling stigma and shame. The stigma attached to mental health issues and addiction, but on top of that I am a mother who has a child that doesn't live with me. For me, there is no greater shame. I was once deemed unfit to parent my daughter. The stigma surrounding... Continue Reading →

365 Sober Days

Woohoo! I made it to a Year Sober. Not one single alcoholic drink has entered my bloodstream for a whole Year. I am immensely proud of my achievement and determination to get here. It's not been an easy thing, But, it does get easier. I still suffer with anxiety and my BPD raises it's tormented... Continue Reading →

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