And yet…

By going out of your mind, You come to your senses. ~ Alan Watts.

I am trying to stay grounded today, as my anxiety spirals out of control. I desperately want to numb out the bad feelings, but I will not.

This will pass. I do not wish to numb out the best feelings. I will use my coping skills to manage the feeling and not let it overwhelm me.

My life is full and busy, my heart is full. I feel satisfied and content most of the time, and yet, there is this cloud of sadness, a wave of anxiety which follows me around.

I am so thankful and grateful for everything that is in my life, but sometimes, it All feels like such an effort.

I turn into shouty mum in the morning, and then the guilt washes over me, it’s almost the same every day…

I do Ask for help, yet nobody seems to hear me…

I want to stay in bed and rest. I feel exhausted. My soul is tired.

Sometimes it is all too much.

My mind is so confused, and confusing. I feel at war with myself. I am conflicted. I don’t want to fight against myself all the time.

I have decided to stay away from Facebook for a while, I’m hoping this will help a little.

Sometimes I feel like I will never be free from the pain that haunts me.

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  1. Hang in there honey. Our minds can be a complicated roller coaster at times. I can empathise. It will pass, I sometimes imagine I’m on a wave on a surf board… ride it and it’ll get calmer. Sending hugs xx

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