No One Speaks of their Pain on Facebook

Since I have been posting a link to this blog on my Facebook, I have noticed that people are in pain. Yet, nobody knows. Nobody speaks about their own personal distress, Until someone else does it first.

I am that person. I was honest about my experience , and now people are coming to me with their stories. I love that they feel they can do this. Mostly I just listen. Really listen, without making it about me.

Once you make yourself open and vulnerable, life becomes Open and Beautiful. I have realised that we are all heart and flesh, and we all hurt in our lives, sometimes, somewhere.

People need to come together, and look after eachother. I try to look after myself, and my special ones everyday, and now I am privileged to be able to hear other human stories.

People are amazing. And sad, and lonely.

People Do Need People.

My tribe is finally coming forward and we are leaning on eachother, as it should be.

Also I have stopped scrolling through Facebook aimlessly, it zaps my energy and makes me anxious. It’s only been a couple of days, but I feel slightly better already. I am feeling more connected to my home life, as I’m not constantly looking into others ‘ shiny ‘ lives.

Lives are not all shiny and Facebook worthy, and I’m beginning to appreciate that it’s better to be authentic, than to be shiny and popular.

We are a messy, shouty bunch and I am making my peace with this. It’s My Perfect Messy Life. – (without 5000 following me – anywhere)


My Messenger is Always Open. ☺😊☺

6 thoughts on “No One Speaks of their Pain on Facebook

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  1. Your post reminds me of this beautiful video – . It’s a video from psychologist Dr. Richard Bennett from Think Psychology in the UK. Dr. Bennett ran a workshop for health care professionals on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques, and during the workshop, he asked the participants to write down some of their most difficult and private thoughts about themselves on post-it notes. The video shows the notes. I was so inspired I wrote a post about this, how we’re all the same underneath, and experience intensely painful and difficult things at one point or another (and some more frequently than others). Thank you for sharing and making yourself vulnerable and supporting others to be too 🙂

  2. People do need other people. So true! I couldn’t agree more that most FB users either look out for the ‘shiny’ posts or post about their ‘shiny’ lives. It’s almost like a facade and people keep going down the hole. BUT there are many amazing and authentic people, like you and your tribe, who bring the sadness and pain under spotlight because sometimes, reflecting on the pain can help us overcome it sooner. Keep being this awesome human!! ❤

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