I feel depressed. I can’t get motivated. I am overwhelmed and overthinking.

I can’t even get it together to write. It all seems so pointless. I am in turmoil.

I feel like I need validation for my emotions and feelings, and I don’t feel worthy enough right now.

I read something recently about antidepressants… It seems there is proof that they do work, but only Some of them… And the ones I’m taking are no better than a Placebo.

Goodness me, can’t I even get a pill that works?

It all hurts right now.

5 thoughts on “Depressed

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  1. It’s okay. You’re doing so bloody brilliantly! It’s not going to be easy but when has it ever? Whatever you’re going through keep going… you are going to be okay 👌 is there anything that makes you feel calmer? Or less anxious about feeling low? Do that! Here if you need me? 😘

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