Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 39 years old. It was a good day. Today is also a good day. I feel positive and bright again.

I am overwhelmed by all the love shown to me for my birthday, and it helps me to realise that I’m not such a bad person after all.

I received some lovely cards and gifts. I am very lucky. The bloke and I went out for a late breakfast, and after school we went for pizza with the girl.

I am feeling proud that I am 39 – and I’m still here, kicking it!

Also yesterday I went to see my doctor, and we discussed my mood swings, and irrational reactions to things. This appointment was really positive and I felt listened to and supported. We are looking into starting me on a mood stabilizer…

To me, this can only be a good thing, to support all the other things I put into place to ease my emotional breakdowns.

In other news, I have realised that I can’t be around certain people right now, because I am feeling drained and exhausted after spending time with them, so for now, I am steering clear. I believe this is really going to help my mental health.

Today I have walked the dog, I have meditated already, and I have made an effort and put some make up on. Today I like myself. Today everything is good, although the anxiety never leaves. I don’t ever feel relaxed, because I am waiting for the next fall. I will not dwell on this today.

Today Is A Good Day ❤😊❤

4 thoughts on “Birthday

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  1. Happy birthday. All beautiful gifts, especially going to your doctor.
    Taking care of yourself is the greatest gift there is.
    39. It’s a great age. I’m 46. My 40s have been the best yet.
    Hugs and love

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