The Other Side Without Drinking

I think I am finally getting over the mental episode of the last two weeks. I still feel quite fragile, but I’m not going to burst into tears now.

Yesterday I went out for a hot chocolate and a cake with Meg, which was lovely, and last night I began putting together a playlist for when I’m feeling pretty rubbish… It’s still a work in progress, but I like it so far.

Today, in Oxfordshire and much of the UK, it’s been snowing again, but I have had a really good Milo walk with my earphones in.

I really like the weather like this, the cold doesn’t bother me, so it’s a good time for me to have some peace and quiet.

The new pills are making me feel so wiped out at the moment,but for now it’s manageable. My head feels quieter already…

Another lovely thing is that I have gained 100 followers on my blog ❤😊. I can’t believe that a hundred people clicked a button to see what I’ve been writing regularly. I love it, I feel so fortunate to be able to put how I feel into words.

I might break out the posh notebooks… to go with the new Parker pen I bought. I always write my blog posts in a notebook/journal first, and edit them on paper before anything goes online. I just love good ol’ fashioned pen and paper.

I’m so lucky to have so many people that love me, and support me when I need them. My husband is the main one, although he doesn’t say much, But I really appreciate my friends, and even some people that I don’t know so well, that have been there for me lately. It’s so lovely to know that people are rooting for me! Validation is a big deal for me, (even if it shouldn’t be), and I feel heard and understood… FINALLY ❤😘❤

PS. I survived all this Sober ❤

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