Memories of Madness

When I was drunk, I needed you, I hated you, I craved you, and I pushed you away… I begged you to stay with me, and screamed for you to leave.

I asked you to love me, to never betray me, although I knew that you already did, A thousand times.

I locked you in my house, so you could never leave me. My favourite person, the one who twisted my mind, made me doubt my sanity.

You hurt me over and over, But Still I Crawled Back to take the Pain I thought I deserved, Over and Over .

9 thoughts on “Memories of Madness

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  1. Honesty..brutal&brave! Some of us find ourselves in toxic relationships without any ‘outside’ help, i have only my bad decisions to blame..still don’t trust myself now..which is why I’ ve stayed single for last 4 years..sad and lonely is better than confused and far anyway!

      1. . I just need to sleep now. My mind is replaying past trauma, and im trying to calm myself . It’s almost 10pm here. How are you doing today? X ❤🌈

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