Talking about Death

What if some people are simply not meant to be on this Earth for a long life? Does this mean it’s a tragedy? Hear my thoughts…

Maybe someone magic and special is only supposed to stay for a short time? To burn bright, to connect with the world, and then to not?

What if they have nothing left to offer, and are deeply unhappy trying to figure out how to live their lives?

I am just pondering on this as I walk the dog.

Take Jim Morrison for example… Amazing artist, writer and singer. Tragedy that he died so young at 27. Was it a great tragedy? He will be forever be remembered as an icon who died too young, or Maybe he would have lived to be a depressed and deeply troubled man? I dunno…

Obviously my ramblings are very simplistic, but I do honestly feel that there might be something in it?

Perhaps these Great artists , writers etc, are Great because of they way they are Mentally which means that they were never really gonna survive in the World?

Their genius and their madness was just too much?

While We May be sad that the person has died too soon, Perhaps it wasn’t actually Too Soon for Them?

Perhaps the noise in their minds got too loud? The flame simply had to die out.

I have had a lot of thought of suicide lately, and it has been a painful battle every day within my head, BUT what if, what if someone is in such mental pain and illness that it is completely unbearable? Shouldn’t they be allowed to die?

I have read some articles and so I know that there are a number of controversial cases in Holland, in which people with mental illness have been assisted with dying.

My thoughts on this are quite confused right now , but I can really see the benefits of helping a severely ill person to die who has tried all the help available to them, and still they can see no quality of life in their own future?

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