Gratitude Part 975

I’m back, and I’m sober and still moving forward. Yay.

I asked for help during my crisis point, and my friends really did step in and look out for me. People came by to take the girl to school, and pick her up from school. Someone else offered to walk the dog… Basically I didn’t leave the house for a week, so I could just focus on myself and getting well.

I am feeling much better now, I have changed my meditation again, and I am a lot brighter and feel positive. The past week has been good.

I am so pleased and full of gratitude to have these amazing women around me, and really have got my back. Plus, they actually understand how it is sometimes, and they do not judge.

It is wonderful.

I am trying to keep my head in the present moment, and have begun mindful meditation again. I am blessed for the lovely life I have, and I need to let go of the pain in my past.

I have been discharged from the mental health team, and this is probably best. I have decided that I am more than my diagnosis, and I want to focus less on labels and symptoms of a disorder… I am ME, and these Symptoms are also part of My Personality. I am more than a list of symptoms.

I am feeling good, and I’m looking forward to a long walk with Milo this morning with my Audiobook. I am currently listening to The Shining.

Here’s to a peaceful and happy week! πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ”†πŸŒˆ

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Part 975

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  1. I love reading your posts. You are so brave. It’s so hard to reach out and to be vulnerable- you are doing such a good job.

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