Years Ago

Years Ago, I was the Only Girl in the Car… I thought I was the special one, because all of my ‘ friends ‘ were boys. We were tough. I was the special one. I was ‘ one of the boys ‘ .

I heard all about their experiences with girlfriends, and even some of these girls were feeling threatened by me, cos I’d known them for years.

Now, I look back, I was a bitch to these girls.. I guess I was jealous. I didn’t want to be ‘ One Of The Boys ‘ . I wanted to be seen and loved by ‘ My Boys ‘ .

Now, Kris has been dead for almost two years.. and I miss the idea of him, but, I kind of knew he was Going to go Young.

I loved him, I wanted him to love me … But he only saw me as ‘ one of the boys ‘

The Only Girl in the Car: A Memoir

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