Recovery takes Time

Every Day since my ' overdose ' I have felt gradually better, and less overwhelmed. My head is now calmer, and the anxiety is at a low point. I feel like I was a pressure cooker, waiting to explode, and now that pressure is released, I am calm again. For now. My PRN medication is... Continue Reading →


Here we are again. My eldest daughter is coming to ten years old next week. I feel gutted and ever so sad. Obviously the people close to me, know that this is a massive trigger and upsetting time for me. My daughter, Alice, lives with her father in Wales, as far as I know... I... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up on Me

I am that flaky mother this week, that cant look you in the eyes at school, because I cannot get my shit together. I feel ashamed of my self for being tortured and haunted by my own mind. I honestly long to sleep, and sleep... Please don't give up on me, please continue to reach... Continue Reading →

Fall Down Seven, Stand Up 8…

Its been a tough couple of weeks around here. Im slowly beginning to feel like myself again, and coming back to the world.  My mental health has not been at its best for a few months really, if im totally honest, and I have been scrambling around in the dark a bit. I have obviously... Continue Reading →

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