Recovery takes Time

Every Day since my ‘ overdose ‘ I have felt gradually better, and less overwhelmed. My head is now calmer, and the anxiety is at a low point.

I feel like I was a pressure cooker, waiting to explode, and now that pressure is released, I am calm again. For now.

My PRN medication is working a treat. I took a Quetiapine on the morning of Meg’s birthday party, and due to that, I felt no stress and anxiety. I also had lots of love and help from my friends and my in-laws on the day.

Today I have walked out with Milo for over two hours, of one which was a ‘mindful’ walk… I meditated as I strolled along, and really enjoyed the experience.

This week is also payday, and I pleased to be able to pay off another chunk of our holiday, and I get immense pleasure from the fact that the dog’s insurance and petplan come from my wages… I don’t pay for much in the household, but I can contribute to the holidays and the dog.

Today I have also had my hair coloured for the first time Ever Professionally… I now have pink highlights, and I look like a mermaid! For an introvert, I sure do stand out! Ha!

So, Im here, Again, Im sober, but in one sense I am starting my journey over with a different course of medication, and also a psychologist appointment for August, and with a deeper understanding of the support I have.

I Am Finally Learning to Trust.

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