Being Gentle

I am taking care of myself, and being Gentle with my mental health this week. So far, I feel positive, although I am still anxious and a little worried about All the things… Ha

I have signed up for a Mindfulness course online, and I think it’s doing me a world of good. I am sent emails to remind me to check in with myself, and make time for the practice.

Also I am listening to an audiobook called Letting Go…a Pathway to Surrender. I am finding this a benefit too. I am beginning to understand how my thoughts are impacting on my life, and how I view things is not necessarily the way things really are.

I have a great band of women that are so supportive of me, and I’m hoping that we can build on the bond over the summer holidays with our children. I am blessed for their friendship.

My husband, as ever , is quietly supporting me, and helping out with the daily practicalities whenever I need him to.

Letting Go: The Pathway Of Surrender

In other news, Britain is in the middle of a scorching heatwave, and I think it’s sending people a bit loopy! Us Brits just can’t handle the heat when it’s this hot, and we still have to do real life and stuff…

Milo the mental health dog is struggling also, poor pup doesn’t know what to do with himself half the time!

Today is Sunday, and this afternoon we will go to a birthday BBQ for the mother in law. I am feeling pretty good about this, but I will be mindful of my internal dialogue.

Have a good day, and a peaceful week ahead ❤😘

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