Psychology And Tattoos

Hey gang, I hope everyone is cool this week…?

I have been a busy little bee this week, I have started a Forensic Psychology course online with the Open University, its a free 8 week course, but I am hoping it will get my brain used to studying again, so that I can go onto higher education.

Also I have booked a tattoo for November, I am gonna start an Alice in Wonderland sleeve. My very close, and old friend Lee happens to be a celebrated tattoo artist which is a proper bonus!

Im a little  hyper this week, I am trying my best to rein in the impulsive urges, but I don’t know how successful I have been!

I have bought a dress pattern, for Meg, so I am hoping to get going with my sewing machine again this weekend.

As you can probably tell, I am a bit manic …




4 thoughts on “Psychology And Tattoos

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  1. Good job. Free online courses are a good start.
    And the tattoo isn’t until November, so you have lots of time to think about it.
    I never expected to get tattoos, but I have 5 on my arms.
    I love them.

  2. Yay the course and the tattoo sounds awesome!!! And hey Wendy, no tattoo’s here either 🙂 but I want some. Only problem is I am a donor and have a rare bloody type and get called on often. If I get a tattoo I can’t donate for 6 months afterwards so I have so far not done it. That and my friend had a fairy on her boob, now that she is older it looks like a witch lol. So Sober Again stick to the arm is my advice.

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