Summer Holiday

School is out for summer officially! I am feeling pretty positive about the coming weeks, and hoping to make it memorable for the girl. We haven’t got much planned, but I will arrange to meet with school friends and have days out. We are headed back to Barrybados in the middle of August, so that’ll be a nice thing.

Im feeling pretty good lately, and doing my best not to over think stuff. My physical health is up and down, good days and bad days, but now at least I have a hospital appointment to find out what’s going on. All in all, I am level and stable.

This morning, I was up early and walking Milo at half 5, because its so hot during the day now, we cant possibly take him out in this heat we are having. I am enjoying my walks with Milo more than ever, it gives me some space for myself and a chance to get some perspective.

I’m finding that I have more energy again, not sleeping so much, so I’m getting a lot of reading done. I am pleased not to be sleeping my life away! The darkness is lifting again, and I feel lighter in my mind.

Meg has had a brilliant reception year at school, she’s got lots of friends and is confident and outgoing. I have stopped fretting over her academic performance now, she’s absolutely fine as she is. She’s looking forward to heading into year one in September. I am a very proud mamma. I am looking forward to our summer together!




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