Feeling unwell

I feel exhausted and physically unwell at the moment. I have finally been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – and whilst I am glad to get a clear answer, I am still overwhelmed by the fact that this is a chronic illness that cannot be cured, only managed.

I am on an effective medication now to ease the bowel symptoms, but I am in pain all over my body, and my joints are hurting. I feel like an old woman! #notyet40.


The difference in NHS care for physical and mental illness is absolutely incredible! I was amazed to be able to email the IBD specialist nurse, received a reply within an hour and offered new medication and a blood test the following day at the hospital! You certainly don’t get that for mental health problems….

In general we have had a good summer break, we have visited friends and family in Barry, South Wales. We have had days out locally and the weather has mostly been lovely. I think the girl has had a good time.

I am looking forward to school starting and getting a good routine going again. I haven’t really been well enough lately to take Milo out much, so I will be pleased to be able to do this as soon as Megan is back at school.

I have begun to notice that my blog is not just about sobriety anymore – it’s all kinds of everything now, and I’m wondering if that’s ok? I kind of use this space to voice my feelings and I suppose that’s okay, whatever the topic may be.

Have a peaceful and loving week. 😘

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  1. I am glad you got such quick response from your doctor, and I agree that you don’t get that kind of timely response with the mental health field at all. I think that fact is rather sad too. I don’t think there’s a standard format for personal blogs. I enjoy reading blogs that change it up. There is much more to life than just recovery. Setting your own standards seems the thing to do, in my opinion 🙂 I hope you enjoy your day, and I’m glad your symptoms are getting better. Much love.

  2. Of course it’s ok!
    I have IBS and celiac disease. Years ago I took meds for the IBS, but then stopped.
    Drinking masked it and made it worse. I never trusted my stomach for a long time.

    I’m still a very cautious eater. I am 100% gluten free for the celiac. And I forever worry how I will fare with other foods.
    The FODMAPS diet is recommended. I follow the general principles.
    And always have ginger, gravol and alka seltzer on hand.


    1. I have to be careful about what I eat, especially if I am out! There have been some ‘ accidents in the past. I have been lucky with my new meds – and back to the hospital soon for a check up.
      I hope that you are doing well xx

  3. I am so glad that people like you are blogging about their diagnosis! I am currently unwell with tha same symptoms and had been avoiding getting checked up till now but i have finally taken an appointment! Keep sharing your experience because it helps a lot of people! (And it is absolutely ok to let your blog expand organically! That is the beauty of it)
    Take care! ❤

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