It’s all going on

Its been a while since Ive written, but I have been rather busy, and time seems to be just running away at the moment. Things are all pretty positive and stable, and Im left wondering if I actually have anything to write about.

I am due at the hospital next week, for another colonoscopy to check if I am in remission from Ulcerative Colitis, things are certainly looking good, and I have no symptoms. I also have an appointment with a rheumatologist because of the pain in my joints which is ongoing… But in general I am feeling very well.  My medication for my mental health seems finally to be making an improvement, and also I have seen a psychologist for CBT a few times.

I am making an effort in all aspects of my life right now.

I have been picking up some extra shifts at work lately, because I am keen to pay off our holidays and also prepare for Christmas, but I am taking care not to do too much. I am enjoying being well.  I am also looking forward to starting my tattoo in November, so I need some extra cash for this. Exciting!

Last night, we all went out to a friend’s wedding reception, and it was nice for us to get dressed up together as a family and head out in the evening for a couple of hours, its something we rarely do.  Megan enjoyed herself chatting with Anyone and dancing, and it was good for me to see my work friends in a different environment. I think Steve enjoyed it a bit too…

Since September, Megan has gone back to swimming lessons, but has also joined up to Judo on a Monday morning, and a small performing arts group on a Wednesday. She seems to be doing well now in these extra activities, and shes happy to make new friends, so as long as she continues to enjoy them, I will continue to take her.

I am still experimenting with my make up and I have my nails done every month which I am really pleased about, I haven’t picked or bitten my nails for over three months, after a lifetime of doing so. Yay me.

I think I am rambling on a bit now, Im really not sure what else to write at this time…

Have a wonderful week beautiful people. Stay well



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