Pain and alternative ways to cope…

I have pain. All the time.

It never goes away now. Some days are worse than others, and I just want to cry.

Currently I am prescribed codeine 30mg for my pain, which does have an effect to take the edge off, But it also makes me constipated which simply can’t go on because of my Inflammatory Bowel Disease…

My GP suggested Tramadol as the next step for pain relief, but I am reluctant because of my addiction problems – although never pills!

This last week has been a nightmare of prolonged pain and sickness, and long periods where I couldn’t leave the house. The pain has simply been too bad. I have felt so isolated and alone… I’m very worried that it may be a regular thing, although I’m positive enough to hope that it won’t come to that.

I have been doing research into hemp oil for pain relief, and also turmeric capsules to ease the inflammation in my body right now. I certainly think it’s something I’m going to have to try out because I really don’t want to rely on pain killers and medication forever!

Surely they can’t do me any more harm anyhow, even if I feel no benefit?

4 thoughts on “Pain and alternative ways to cope…

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  1. We have been using cbd oil for anxiety. It is working surprisingly well. It has no thc.
    It’s worth investigating. Pot is now legal in Canada, so there are more options.
    I’m not sure where you are, but it’s legal in many states too.

    I’m sorry you are suffering.


    1. I’m checking it out. We have CBD oil available in shops now… I’m in the UK, medical cannabis will be available from November for certain things, only on prescription though and it’ll be a minefield…
      Thanks for the love as always xx

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