New Year

Happy New Year to you readers!

I hope that you have great plans and goals to aim for. I am hoping for continued growth and sobriety and to try and alleviate some of my physical pains.

I had an MRI scan at the end of Dec so I’m waiting on the results of this. I’m still taking pain killers regularly which I’m not too chuffed about.

In other news, we are heading to Finland in February to go Northern Lights spotting! I’m so excited about this, and even if we don’t see the lights it’ll still be amazing.

This year has been a tough one for our family, and I’m working on myself to help calm the household sometimes. I am looking forward to less screen time for all of us, and more time as a family doing things together. We take some much for granted, and I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever and these times are precious.

I am extremely grateful for my friends and family that have continued to support me through the difficult times, and I am also pleased to have been able to help others in small ways this year too.

I am continuing to work on myself to build the life I want and always striving to be a better person.

Much Love, and Happy New Year

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  1. Thank you for linking me to your blog, I love it so far! Youโ€™re so right about time being precious, I plan to enjoy it more this year. Finland will be amazing! Hope we get it read about it after ๐Ÿ™‚

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