What You Think of Me…

Is None of My Business.

I really need to stop caring and worrying all the time about what other people think of me. Mostly it doesn’t seem to bother me, and I’m okay in my own world, but lately I feel quite sensitive and tuned in to the fact that some people are being bitches in a backhanded kind of way.

Obviously I have completely wondered if this is all in my head.. But no, it doesn’t go unnoticed by others either. So, I’m not cuckoo… This Week!

So – I have had a couple of days to ponder on my feelings and I’m not a bitter person, I don’t hold grudges…

I feel calm right now, and I am at peace, so whatever they think or feel about me, genuinely is None of My Business.

In other news… it’s just over a week until my dream holiday. I absolutely cannot wait to go.

Love and light this week, my darling readers xx

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