Lapland The Trip of a Lifetime

We are home from my big birthday holiday! I’m still overwhelmed and amazed by the experience.

We went on a sleigh ride with reindeer, and husky pulled sledding, we visited an Ice Village and searched for the Northern Lights. I’ve had the most amazing time, it’s something that I will never forget.

I am totally in love with Finland and their way of life seems fabulous to me. They are so relaxed and good natured.

This holiday has made me realise that I have to stop wasting time and start living my best life. I’m going to the things that I want to do and make good memories.

I want to live, really live. 😄

None of us knows if there will be another tomorrow? I am making positive changes in my mind and attitude already and it feels good. I want to lead a healthier lifestyle, for a start…

It’s time to put the past where it belongs and move on without shame or fear… I want my daughters to be proud of me one day, I want to make myself proud.

I’ve often said How blessed I am and how grateful, and I truly am, but I’m aware that sometimes my attitude and behaviours didn’t really reflect this gratitude. I’m so happy to be a few weeks away from the Big 4-0, if I’m honest, I didn’t think I would get here!

The time for change and action is now. I have no time to waste. Perhaps life really does begin at forty?

7 thoughts on “Lapland The Trip of a Lifetime

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  1. Thank You visiting my country. Next time do not miss these.
    World biggest snow castle in Kemi:
    Best Snow Castle photos
    Meet Santa and have a reindeer ride
    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle
    Also, if You would have been in Finland on the first weekend after mid-February, then could have participated in a unique happening in the world:
    Reindeer race 1
    Reindeer race 2
    This happening is once in the life time experience! Reading local photoblogs as mine, people get information which is told only in blogs!
    Happy and safe travels.

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