IBD Flare

At the moment, after my wonderful holiday, and over 6 months of remission, I’m now in a massive Colitis flare up.

I feel absolutely gutted and it’s got to an extreme point of urgency and pain rapidly.

My IBD nurse has been amazing, and via email she changed my prescription to combat the flare…

So now I’m on a double dose of my medication, but also a topical foam – if you get where/what I mean!

I am crossing everything in the hope that it will clear up in the next two weeks.

I have another tattoo booked and I have to be well for this.

I am feeling so exhausted right now, and it’s still half term here, and Meg hasn’t been out much because I can’t risk being far away from a toilet. It really does affect everything…

I guess in my head, I was a little naive and thought that the first drug they put me on would fix me into remission long term. Obviously this was not the case and it’s really hitting home that I have this chronic illness that has to be managed day to day.

Much love people 😘

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  1. Have just discovered your blog – so sorry to hear about your flare-up. Have just been diagnosed with Crohn’s myself and have to admit that the topical preps are not exactly how I like to spend my evenings either! Hope you responded quickly and are feeling better now. I’ve also started blogging about IBD too if you fancy a read – IBDoctor.home.blog x

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