In My Dreams….

I kissed a beautiful boy and he made me come alive. I’ve had butterflies ever since.
I don’t know where this will lead, if anywhere but for now I feel amazing.
Every time I think of his beautiful face and the way he looked at me, I feel weak with lust. Is there anything else to this? Only time will tell both of us.

The beautiful boy used my body in ways I’ve never known. It was incredible and beautiful sex. There is a sense of connection between us, but I have a feeling I won’t see him again. I will never be sorry nor have any regrets about my night with him.

The beautiful boy has left my life as quickly as he appeared, but he has given me the realisation that I want and deserve more from my life. I feel sad and empty in my heart right now.

The beautiful boy came back and we spent some time in bed together. I am in awe of this amazing man, and our connection feels so whole and Good, even though it is so morally wrong. When we are together, I feel comfortable and safe. I feel so real.
We have sworn this won’t won’t happen again.

Oh my fantasy… I’m ashamed…

But I need to write it down x

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