Now, Jock is a long story... I met Jock when I was 17.. and I fell instantly in love. We were a couple, on and off. Then it was off for a long time. Until it was on again. Jock was always the one, that I kept going back to... I was in love, crazy... Continue Reading →

Years Ago

Years Ago, I was the Only Girl in the Car... I thought I was the special one, because all of my ' friends ' were boys. We were tough. I was the special one. I was ' one of the boys ' . I heard all about their experiences with girlfriends, and even some of... Continue Reading →

Wish you Well

I have a friend. She is troubled and struggling right now. She reminds me of myself a few years ago. Her life is unfortunately mirroring my own. I am willing to do all I can for her, with what I can offer, but I am beginning to feel as though she just comes to me... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Part 975

I'm back, and I'm sober and still moving forward. Yay. I asked for help during my crisis point, and my friends really did step in and look out for me. People came by to take the girl to school, and pick her up from school. Someone else offered to walk the dog... Basically I didn't... Continue Reading →

Talking about Death

What if some people are simply not meant to be on this Earth for a long life? Does this mean it's a tragedy? Hear my thoughts... Maybe someone magic and special is only supposed to stay for a short time? To burn bright, to connect with the world, and then to not? What if they... Continue Reading →

Being Open

My mental health is not good right now. I'm really struggling to get a grip. It's been a few weeks since my meditation was changed Again and now my diagnosis is no longer Borderline Personality Disorder. I am diagnosed with clinical depression. I don't know what to do with this information, as everything on the... Continue Reading →

All the feelings

I'm struggling to sit with my strong feelings again. I'm finding it hard  not to react or explode in anger at the slightest thing... I am just back from walking the dog around the lake. I put my headphones in, and just walked, and let the emotions flow. There were tears of sadness, shame and... Continue Reading →

Memories of Madness

When I was drunk, I needed you, I hated you, I craved you, and I pushed you away... I begged you to stay with me, and screamed for you to leave. I asked you to love me, to never betray me, although I knew that you already did, A thousand times. I locked you in... Continue Reading →

Random Holiday Thoughts

Thursday It's very warm! A bit too warm for me! Today I will try to spend the entire day with my family, without my phone. I will attempt to have fun and be pleasant. I'm trying to get used to doing nothing and relaxing. I have my audiobook which I am desperate to get back... Continue Reading →

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