Recovery takes Time

Every Day since my ' overdose ' I have felt gradually better, and less overwhelmed. My head is now calmer, and the anxiety is at a low point. I feel like I was a pressure cooker, waiting to explode, and now that pressure is released, I am calm again. For now. My PRN medication is... Continue Reading →


Here we are again. My eldest daughter is coming to ten years old next week. I feel gutted and ever so sad. Obviously the people close to me, know that this is a massive trigger and upsetting time for me. My daughter, Alice, lives with her father in Wales, as far as I know... I... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up on Me

I am that flaky mother this week, that cant look you in the eyes at school, because I cannot get my shit together. I feel ashamed of my self for being tortured and haunted by my own mind. I honestly long to sleep, and sleep... Please don't give up on me, please continue to reach... Continue Reading →

Fall Down Seven, Stand Up 8…

Its been a tough couple of weeks around here. Im slowly beginning to feel like myself again, and coming back to the world.  My mental health has not been at its best for a few months really, if im totally honest, and I have been scrambling around in the dark a bit. I have obviously... Continue Reading →

Years Ago

Years Ago, I was the Only Girl in the Car... I thought I was the special one, because all of my ' friends ' were boys. We were tough. I was the special one. I was ' one of the boys ' . I heard all about their experiences with girlfriends, and even some of... Continue Reading →

Wish you Well

I have a friend. She is troubled and struggling right now. She reminds me of myself a few years ago. Her life is unfortunately mirroring my own. I am willing to do all I can for her, with what I can offer, but I am beginning to feel as though she just comes to me... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Part 975

I'm back, and I'm sober and still moving forward. Yay. I asked for help during my crisis point, and my friends really did step in and look out for me. People came by to take the girl to school, and pick her up from school. Someone else offered to walk the dog... Basically I didn't... Continue Reading →

Talking about Death

What if some people are simply not meant to be on this Earth for a long life? Does this mean it's a tragedy? Hear my thoughts... Maybe someone magic and special is only supposed to stay for a short time? To burn bright, to connect with the world, and then to not? What if they... Continue Reading →

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