Talking about Death

What if some people are simply not meant to be on this Earth for a long life? Does this mean it's a tragedy? Hear my thoughts... Maybe someone magic and special is only supposed to stay for a short time? To burn bright, to connect with the world, and then to not? What if they... Continue Reading →

Being Open

My mental health is not good right now. I'm really struggling to get a grip. It's been a few weeks since my meditation was changed Again and now my diagnosis is no longer Borderline Personality Disorder. I am diagnosed with clinical depression. I don't know what to do with this information, as everything on the... Continue Reading →


I am still feeling pretty low, and I'm struggling with nightmares again. In my head, I am replaying trauma, and I have intrusive thoughts of my own death... Although I am NOT suicidal. On the surface, I'm just ' FINE ' - but deep down I feel troubled and paranoid almost daily. I'm struggling to... Continue Reading →

Still Fighting

I am so low, and feel so worthless and a deep sadness right now. My husband has been amazing lately, and is just letting me Be... I don't have the energy for much right now, although I am maintaining a certain level of normality. I am still up, and washed and in the world, Although... Continue Reading →


I feel depressed. I can't get motivated. I am overwhelmed and overthinking. I can't even get it together to write. It all seems so pointless. I am in turmoil. I feel like I need validation for my emotions and feelings, and I don't feel worthy enough right now. I read something recently about antidepressants... It... Continue Reading →

And yet…

By going out of your mind, You come to your senses. ~ Alan Watts. I am trying to stay grounded today, as my anxiety spirals out of control. I desperately want to numb out the bad feelings, but I will not. This will pass. I do not wish to numb out the best feelings. I... Continue Reading →

Blessings And Depression

I am awake at 5 am... It gives me some peaceful time before the madness of getting ready for school/work/etc... I have been thinking of my depression and trying not to wallow in it I guess. I'm fully aware of All the amazing things I am blessed with, but sometimes I just can't get thankful,... Continue Reading →


I'm heading for a crash! I can feel it. My head is pounding all the time. Every day lately is a cycle of crying and screaming, crying and shouting. And then I feel numb. It's all too Much, or it's absolutely Nothing. I just want to sleep and sleep.  Every day I start off positive... Continue Reading →

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