New Year

Happy New Year to you readers! I hope that you have great plans and goals to aim for. I am hoping for continued growth and sobriety and to try and alleviate some of my physical pains. I had an MRI scan at the end of Dec so I'm waiting on the results of this. I'm... Continue Reading →

It’s all going on

Its been a while since Ive written, but I have been rather busy, and time seems to be just running away at the moment. Things are all pretty positive and stable, and Im left wondering if I actually have anything to write about. I am due at the hospital next week, for another colonoscopy to... Continue Reading →

Summer Holiday

School is out for summer officially! I am feeling pretty positive about the coming weeks, and hoping to make it memorable for the girl. We haven't got much planned, but I will arrange to meet with school friends and have days out. We are headed back to Barrybados in the middle of August, so that'll... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Part 975

I'm back, and I'm sober and still moving forward. Yay. I asked for help during my crisis point, and my friends really did step in and look out for me. People came by to take the girl to school, and pick her up from school. Someone else offered to walk the dog... Basically I didn't... Continue Reading →


I received a beautiful and fun card today. From my cousin Heather in Wales. My heart is full of gratitude and love right now. I feel so fortunate for my family in Wales, but I have never really been very close with this side of my family, for many reasons. It is a deep regret... Continue Reading →

365 Sober Days

Woohoo! I made it to a Year Sober. Not one single alcoholic drink has entered my bloodstream for a whole Year. I am immensely proud of my achievement and determination to get here. It's not been an easy thing, But, it does get easier. I still suffer with anxiety and my BPD raises it's tormented... Continue Reading →

Drinking Dreams

I woke with a huge sense of unease this morning. It took a few moments for me to realise it was a dream, and I Hadn't been drinking the night before. I haven't had a 'drinking dream' for months, and was surprised to still experience this ... It is such a relief to know that... Continue Reading →

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