BPD Episode

My mental health is really suffering. I am angry, anxious, sad and lonely. Then as if by magic I feel nothing at all. While walking Milo today, I sobbed and sobbed. I can't carry on like this. I am exhausted with all the distress and stress in my head. I have been referred to the... Continue Reading →


I'm heading for a crash! I can feel it. My head is pounding all the time. Every day lately is a cycle of crying and screaming, crying and shouting. And then I feel numb. It's all too Much, or it's absolutely Nothing. I just want to sleep and sleep.  Every day I start off positive... Continue Reading →

Real Friends

Recently, I have been wondering who my real friends are. I always used to be the one running around after people and making the arrangements.  I dont tend to do this much anymore, so I rarely see people. I know that life gets busy, but if something is important, surely you make it a priority.... Continue Reading →

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